Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inspiring people and designing random stuff~

Hello~ Today I want to talk about inspiring people and creating random stuff. So, since Christmas is coming soon I found myself having a little obsession to make something that obviously has something to do with Christmas. I got an idea of pop-up cards from my on-the-job-training place (Sarjakuvakeskus) and because I like Christmas much, I wanted to try making Christmas pop-up cards. This is my first pop-up card ever. (^.^)/ yatta! kurisumasu no poppu-appu kaado! haha...I think it's a bit...plain? Well it's cute, but pretty simple. I'd like to try something more tricky sometime. :3

Well then I was about to talk about inspiring people. Or actually this time only about one inspiring person. Does anyone know Andrew Huang? He's a youtuber, who started making (long time ago I guess) a lot of music videos and other stuff. He takes request for songs from fans and his songs are very creative and he has his own style, but still he can do many different genres. (  Just listening this~ amazing) I think he's really inspiring person.

Then I thought I could show some of my old random stuffs I have created.

 So this is...well as you can probably see, it says IMAGINE. It's on my room's wall and it's made from black/white/gray photos which I have just cut from magazines. I'm not completely satisfied with it (mostly because of letters "N" and "E"), but I was kinda lazy after all... But why it says "imagine"? I hope I could imagine a lot of interesting things and then create something out of them. I also like to dream a lot. I guess that's why.

 This is a Korean traditional mask. We painted these on a culture lesson few months ago. We could design them whatever we liked, but I didn't have enough time to paint, so it has pretty much white on it and is pretty simple. but I still kinda like it. ^^

This is also on my wall. And as you can see it's a speech bubble with music notes. It has notes on it, because I love music. Just that simple. ...and haha you can also see some photos on the picture...well they are mostly Himchan's (Kim Himchan from B.A.P) photos. That's because I really like his voice, cute expressions etc.

This was made for last year's Halloween (2011) and yeah it's Nightmare before Christmas' Jack's head. First I was going to use it as a mask, but then I was lazy again while designing it and I ended up just carrying it with me...

I think this is all for today. ^^ Tomorrow is Monday and last week of my on-the-job-practising will begin! yay~ I'm excited, because after that I'll have a vacation for one week and I'll be going to my hometown.

I also thought I could create many things while having a vacation. But let's see then...I hope I'm not too lazy. ^^

Oh I almost forgot. I can show you my (and Jonna's) Manga day's poster. I made it, but I used my drawings and also Jonna's drawings, because we needed to show people a bit different manga drawing styles~ This is on Saturday in Sarjakuvakeskus~


- YUN -

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