Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Warm Glögi & warm feelings~

At this moment. I love my family. I love Christmas. I love pure white snow. I love music. I love drawing. I love my friends. I love warm glögi and tea. I think people have many things they should feel grateful for~ Sometimes we aren't grateful enough. We think because it exists, it exists. If we learn to love something, when we lose that thing, it's more painful. I haven't lost least lately...I think. But sometimes I'm scared to lose things that are important, so scared that I can't hold them tight enough. I thought if I don't appreciate some things enough it'll be easier to let go, when that time comes. But as I grew older I knew I was wrong.

"Don't be sad, because it didn't continue, but be happy, because it happened." 
Remember it. Don't lose yourself to your feelings, even if something is hard, you will get over it. This is how we, humans were designed. 

Right now listening Yoseop Yang's Caffeine. Before I didn't like Yoseop that much, eventhough I listened B2ST, I don't know why I didn't like him much...just that feeling...I guess you could say first impression. But now I got better feeling about this song. It's same with idols and "normal" people. I always get first impression from people that tell me whether I think I like or don't like that person. I guess everyone gets these feelings. But I always hope if I get "bad" first impression of someone, that I could learn to like those people later on...that I could see "oh, I was wrong" and that person really is a good person. But sometimes when I think someone is a good person, later on I'll find out that person isn't as nice as I thought she or he would be. That's a naive part of me, I don't always see people's intentions. But I don't like to be cynical...I'd rather realize later "oh I was wrong again", "well time to move on".

I thought maybe spending time here, at my hometown, for whole vacation will be waste of time...just few days will be enough. I was wrong. My heart and brain tells me now that I need to be grateful for every moment I can spend with my family. You never know what will happen. So I gave it a thought and this vacation became a lot better. It's all about attitude. If you choose to think everything sucks, then everything will suck.

So It's Wednesday, I still have some days left before going back to school. I think I wanted to spend this vacation more creatively, but I ended up doing things I do pretty often. But I don't regret, not at all and sometimes creativity cannot be forced. So what did I do after my last day on my on-the-job-practising?

On Saturday I went to Manga day (at work, at Comic Center), which went pretty good. ^^ I miss people from work. But I was glad that people wanted me to go to see them later on. Some people asked to see me later, I think I made some new friends, makes me happy. ^^ Then after that I took a train and came to my hometown.

On Sunday I went to see my friend, Hanna. I really like her as my friend, I never feel bored with her and I can forget everything else for a while. This time we went to her place and played Tekken for hours and talked at the same was really fun and refreshing! My thumbs hurted because of playing, haha, but I felt very happy.

These days I also
- went to a big shopping mall with my little brother
- saw my Dad after a long time
- helped my little brother with his homework
- made first time ever ice cream by myself (Christmas ice cream...kekeke~ my Mom and brother liked it ^^)
- drew Himchan...well it's not that good, but I want to learn to draw people better
- also made another Christmas pop-up card~
- watched TV
- watched dramas from internet...Missing you and Full House 2 ...oh and also Kpop Star season 2. ^^ Very good~ and talented people~
- took photos of my brother

I'm probably still going to make cards, go to Christmas market (hmmh I don't know whether I should call it market or market fair or bazaar or something else O_o) and play Wii~

OH AND ABSOLUTELY!! I'm gonna watch MAMA AWARDS 2012 and I believe B.A.P will win Rookie Award least I really hope so. ^^ They really would deserve it.

Btw. These days I really enjoy Epik High's music~ old and new songs, lyrics, singing and rap parts~ :3


- YUN -

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inspiring people and designing random stuff~

Hello~ Today I want to talk about inspiring people and creating random stuff. So, since Christmas is coming soon I found myself having a little obsession to make something that obviously has something to do with Christmas. I got an idea of pop-up cards from my on-the-job-training place (Sarjakuvakeskus) and because I like Christmas much, I wanted to try making Christmas pop-up cards. This is my first pop-up card ever. (^.^)/ yatta! kurisumasu no poppu-appu kaado! haha...I think it's a bit...plain? Well it's cute, but pretty simple. I'd like to try something more tricky sometime. :3

Well then I was about to talk about inspiring people. Or actually this time only about one inspiring person. Does anyone know Andrew Huang? He's a youtuber, who started making (long time ago I guess) a lot of music videos and other stuff. He takes request for songs from fans and his songs are very creative and he has his own style, but still he can do many different genres. (  Just listening this~ amazing) I think he's really inspiring person.

Then I thought I could show some of my old random stuffs I have created.

 So this is...well as you can probably see, it says IMAGINE. It's on my room's wall and it's made from black/white/gray photos which I have just cut from magazines. I'm not completely satisfied with it (mostly because of letters "N" and "E"), but I was kinda lazy after all... But why it says "imagine"? I hope I could imagine a lot of interesting things and then create something out of them. I also like to dream a lot. I guess that's why.

 This is a Korean traditional mask. We painted these on a culture lesson few months ago. We could design them whatever we liked, but I didn't have enough time to paint, so it has pretty much white on it and is pretty simple. but I still kinda like it. ^^

This is also on my wall. And as you can see it's a speech bubble with music notes. It has notes on it, because I love music. Just that simple. ...and haha you can also see some photos on the picture...well they are mostly Himchan's (Kim Himchan from B.A.P) photos. That's because I really like his voice, cute expressions etc.

This was made for last year's Halloween (2011) and yeah it's Nightmare before Christmas' Jack's head. First I was going to use it as a mask, but then I was lazy again while designing it and I ended up just carrying it with me...

I think this is all for today. ^^ Tomorrow is Monday and last week of my on-the-job-practising will begin! yay~ I'm excited, because after that I'll have a vacation for one week and I'll be going to my hometown.

I also thought I could create many things while having a vacation. But let's see then...I hope I'm not too lazy. ^^

Oh I almost forgot. I can show you my (and Jonna's) Manga day's poster. I made it, but I used my drawings and also Jonna's drawings, because we needed to show people a bit different manga drawing styles~ This is on Saturday in Sarjakuvakeskus~


- YUN -


Hi. This is YUN. The origin of the name: there was this one friend who started calling me Yun-yun, because of compination of my messenger (back then) nickname Shun (which slightly comes from my real name) and one Fruits Basket character Yuki. I always remember how fun it was with her while having art classes at high school (where we met) and so I have often used nickname Yun-yun, but now just Yun will be enough. ^^ 

I'll tell a bit about my blog, which I just created. I have had about 3 blogs earlier, but probably the reason I ended up closing them before was. because they were too "restricted" (I wonder if that's even right word for that. I'm trying to improve my english by writing in english as much as possible). I wanted to focus on something, but this time I won't focus on just few things, but write about everything I feel like writing and also adding many photos, quotes and such. Main reason why I started a blog again is that I want to create something. I want to try making different things and learning more. So I want to collect things. I'm doing this mostly for myself, but I'd also be happy, if someone might take interest on this and maybe telling me new ideas. ^^ New ideas are always welcome.

To introduce myself I thought I could do "from A to Z" introduction. So I'll write what comes to my mind first from that letter and then tell what that thing means to me or reminds me of.

A - Animals, I love animals. My favourite animals are cats, rabbits and pandas. Just because they are so cute and soft. When I was small my Mom and Dad had many cats. As a reminder I have this little scar over my mouth. Eventhough I love animals there are two things that makes me take a distance with animals. First, I got traumatized by dogs when I was little, so even now I'm very scared of dogs, especially if they can run freely outside. Second I also got allergic to most animals when we lived in an apartment with my Mom, because we had there almost 60 budgerigars (kinda crazy, I know...but they had own room) and two rabbits.

B - B Class Life, it's an ost song from a drama called Dream High 2. (You can listen the song here ) The song tells about people who are average, not that good at anything. They know very well they are so called B class, but they want to be A class.

"Our errands aren't really important
We only have pointless places to spend
We are only shedding useless sweat beads
More than my frustrated heart is the frustrated people around me
And seeing their faces makes even me tired

Will the day come when I find that
Something special in me and show it off?
Before I lose what little dreams I have left in me,
Will the light shine on me too?"

I like the song, because it reminds me of myself. I always think I want to be really good at something and I have many dreams. But I'm just average and I feel like frustrating people around me. Still I always have this hope that someday I'll shine. ^^ But the reality is that I need to work hard towards my dreams.

"Miracle is another word for hard work"

C - Creativity, I actually think I'm pretty creative person. I have many ideas and get many more pretty often, but I just usually doesn't have enough time or I'm too tired to make those ideas into "concrete things". So I have a long list about things I should do in future.
For example right now I have on hold:
- one comic
- redesigning few things
- one experiental "song"
- few ideas of animations/videos
- ideas of compinating few photos and quotes
- one story, which I started writing about a half year ago
- pop-up cards
and many more

Often when I watch videos from youtube, or read something I get many ideas I want to try out. It's fun, but it starts bothering me, when I have a long list of things I "should" do. Because when I have too much to do, I start feeling stressed and would rather not to do anything.

D - Dramas. I admit I'm a drama addict. I have watched over 80 dramas. Japanese ad korean dramas. From many different genres like romance, mystery, crime, school, thriller, comedy etc. And I also admit this might have become pretty "serious" problem, because at high school when I was supposed to be reading to matriculation exams I used 2/3 of that time actually watching dramas. I didn't fail any exam, but the results weren't that good. My best subject was psychology, which I know pretty much, because I'm interested in people in general, "what we are", "why we think like that", "why does someone act like that" etc.
 ...But I wonder why my english exam didn't go that well either, well maybe it was mostly because of  listening comprehension exam. I can't focus on those. I have slightly focusing problems in general. I get easily distracted.
But still I love watching dramas! ^^ I have watched so many good ones. I can recommend some later, if someone wants. ^^ Well I'll probably write about some dramas anyway. Maybe some review.

E - Einstein, haha. :D Well that came to my mind first from letter E. I really respect smart people and people who have achieved something great...something they can be proud of.

F - Family, of course I love my family. It's a bit complicated one, but I love them, so that's the only thing that matters. I have three siblings, but I'm closest to my little brother, Aki.

G - GD (G-Dragon), rapper/singer from Bigbang (also soIo), I respect him a lot. He's one of my idols. He had been a trainee over 6 years (first SM, I doesn't remember how many years, but if I remember right he was YG's trainee for 6 years). Korea's idol training is no joke, so you can imagine it for over 6 years. Some go through only few years, but some are trained for many more years. Even after announcing debut group and after debuting they can still drop members. That's what happened to one Bigbang's ex-member, but right now he's succesful with B2ST. (I recommend to watch Bigbang's before debut documentary, it's very eyes-opening documentary, if you're interested to see what the industry really is like)

H - Hobbies. So what my hobbies are? I like many things, I have also tried pretty many things. Right now my hobbies are drawing, taking photos, designing things, writing, watching dramas, studying languages etc. ...well I do what I feel like doing. I really like to learn new things.

I - Inspiration. Many people inspire me in many different ways. I have even many friends that inspire me, for example one of my friends inspired me at elementary school to get better at drawing.

J - Japan. Nihon no koto ga daisuki, dakara nihongo chotto hanashimasu~ ^^ hmmh...Soshite kurisumasu ga daisuki , dakara kurisumasu no kaado ga tsukuritai. Poppu-appu kaado(?) XD ~ Soshite tabun sensei ni naritai omotteta, omoshiroi, ne? I'm not completely sure if that was even right, but I really like japanese as a language, it's easy to pronounce and it's pretty easy to remember words, I also like how it sounds. BUT remembering Hiraganas, Katakanas and KANJIS O_O is completely different story...
I also like many japanese artists, like Generations, Kat-tun, Arashi, Kis-my-ft2, etc.
...and well dramas... XD well enough of that.

K - Korea 한국어 사랑해요. 금요일 많이 공부했어요. 오늘 음악 을 들어요. Get it? No? I can tell about hangul and my studying later~
I listen to kpop a lot. My favourite bands currently are B.A.P, Epik High and U-kiss

L - Little brother, as I mentioned earlier I have a little brother, Aki. Aki is very lively one, I think I'm the lazier one of us. He likes to play games a lot, so I plan to buy him few Wii-games as a Christmas present again. ^^ Aki can sometimes annoy me, like siblings usually do, but I'm really happy to have such a cute little brother. ^^ I'm going to visit home next weekend. :3

M - Music, I really love music. I'm listening music even now (TVXQ - Viva), if I can't listen to any music for a day, I become sad. It's part of me, listening music. I sometimes think real life situations should have theme music, like in movies, that would be really interesting. Someone could develop a machine that would be installed to our brains (or ears?) and it would read the situation and play us music that suit the situation or our mood. Haha...well that would probably make us insane.

N - Neff...hmmh or the moment I couldn't think of anything else from N than those brands. I like both brands.

O - Oatmeal, this is funny. I make face masks containing oatmeal and honey. But it's really good! It makes skin less greasy. I like to use oatmeal more to my skin than actually eat it, well sometimes I mix it up with yoghurt.

P - Pepsi XD pepsi is like fake money from board games or fake Beats headphones. I guess last time I drank Pepsi was many years ago. Well it's ok, but Pepsi Max is...well bad. (=_=)p 

Q - "Q" with our pronounciation, it sounds like "kuu" = moon. I really like watching night sky, moon and the stars~ so pretty and macigal, makes me think of how little we actually are compared to space.

R - Rain. Rainy days are sometimes nice, especially in summer. But when there's too many in fall, it just makes me kinda depressed. But if it's not cold and I have an umbrella I like to walk slowly on rainy days an listen to how rain sounds~

S - Sports. This might be a surprise to some people who know me, but I really actually like sports. It just that I'm not good at them, so I'm often embarrassed to do any sport, if I'm not alone. I like the most martial arts (I used to do karate), swimming, bicycling, dancing, bowling, playing basketball.

T - Tablo. Another inspiring person. Rapper/singer/song writer etc. Has gone through difficult times, but is now making music again (nowadays YG's artist) ...From Epik High.

U - Ukulele, I want to learn to play~

V - Voikkaa, a small town, where I'm from. I don't live there anymore, but it's my hometown where my family lives, so I'm going back there on Christmas vacation. ^^

W - Weird habbits, I think I have a lot of those. o.o Or I'm not sure if most people do them, but I think they are kinda weird.
For example
-  I often brush my teeth until blood comes out of gums. Well I have no holes on my teeth. :D
- Then I need to turn my shower's temperature warmer and warmer until I almost reach the point it's too hot.
-I sometimes use baby powder to cover shining from my face (also to make face look pretty white),
- Within a day I manage to move many things to my bed and when I need to go to sleep I need to remove everything to somewhere else first.
- I sometimes bite pencils, I know that's really disgusting, (but I never bite nails, I find that even more disgusting) but I often do it without noticing. I almost always need to have something on my hands, like pencil or phone...because my hands need something to do while I'm watching drama etc. :D
- I always try to do things at same order in the morning. First eating, because food will taste bad if I brush my teeth first and if I put clothes on first I might spill something on them while eating and brushing teeth, haha. Also make-up first before hair, so that my hair are tied and after make-up I can untie them and brush hair.
- I often make notes about what I think etc. A bit like diary, but not always on the same notebook etc. So I think this blog will be useful to collect thinkings~
- When I know I'm absolutely alone I might start suddenly singing
- If I'm alone at home for a weekend, at evening I need to turn TV on, so that there's some noise that makes me feel a bit comfortable being alone.

X - X-ray, I don't think I have never needed to go to take a X-ray.

Y - YUN, well I explained what's behind the name already. :P

Z - Zebra...look how creative I'm here.... :D anyways I like black and white (but actually I don't like horses that much (just said I like animals, lol)...well zebra is almost horse I guess)

finally, that's it! the introduction from A to Z :D I like writing, but maybe that was a bit too much. HAHA.

- YUN -